National Scrapbook Day

Posted On April 17, 2008

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It’s coming!!!

The most exciting scrap day of the year, and everyone’s having a crop!!!!!

One crop everyone should check out is the one at on may 2-4. It’ll be loads of fun and load full of prizes



She’s 4!!!

Posted On April 1, 2008

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I can’t believe she’s four today, my how’s she’s grown.Not only is April fool’s day a joker’s holiday but it’s the day that changed my life forever and created a mother out of me. I can’t believe it has flown by so fast. Madison you are such a princess now. This year Madison will be starting PreK. I’m so scared. I’ve heard that once they start school the years just fly by. šŸ˜¦ I don’t want them to fly by. I’ll blink then all of a sudden she’ll be starting HS. But she has blossomed into such a beautiful big girl!!

Why do i deserve this

Posted On March 29, 2008

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Everyday I try to make things work. I try so hard to be a good person.

And it seems the harder I try to be a good person the more I get stomped on. Out of the loveĀ IĀ have forĀ my husband and my children I try to be sweet, and loving and understanding for my mil. I try to let her in and be genuine to her. And she just stomps on all those genuing feelings and gestures of kindness. It breaks my heart sometimes that she cares so little for me.

She goes on and onĀ about always keeping things fair but she has no regards for my feeling and always worries about her first son and his wife and couldn’t give a shit about my husband and me. IT was sad because one night I said to my husband what did i do that your mother doesn’t like me, and he said what did I do that my mother doesn’t even like me. I actually cried when he said that cause I thought it was so heartbreaking that a son should feel his mother doesn’t love him. I even think its true because she speaks with her oldest son onĀ a daily basis calling him everday and only calls my husband when she needs him to work on her deck or roof. She’s always going to her older sons house and helping him and his family out, she used to let his wife borrow money all the time a few years back but the one time she helps my husband pay off the last of his car, she constantly rubs it in our face andĀ when he talks aboutĀ hisĀ car she’ll say you mean my carĀ and even came out and said in front of his aunt too.

She always would make a big deal when she would buy things for my daughter and her other son’s son saying she had to keep everything even, but when I was pregnant she never bought anything for the new baby. But my sil said that when she was pregant she bought a bundle of clothes for her new baby size 12 months when my second child was 12 months and even told my mil that she should have gave it to my second daughter and she even bought her not yet born daughter a doll house and dora kitchen when she hadn’t bought my daughter anything. Im not about buy me this buy me that but don’t make a big deal about keeping things fair so when you get my daughter something you have to do the same for them but don’t have the same regards when you buy them something. I just can’t take anymore of her double standards.

Ā I remember one instance of when her dil had left her son’s easter basket in my mil living room my daughter went to play with one of the toys that were in the basket. My mil took it from her and said she didn’t want to get her dil mad. But when I left my newborn daughter’s bouncer chair in one of my mil extra rooms somehow it ended up in the living room and my sil said that her son started to play with it and she told him to stop so he would break it, she said my mil said well that’s their fault for leaving thier stuff in the living room. WTF, when my daughter played with the easter basket toy my sil had LEFT HER STUFF in the living room!!!! But of course double standards because she says she doesn’t want to piss my sil off because she doesn’t want to hear her mouth.But because I have enough class and tact to hold my mouth she doesn’t CARE to piss ME off!!!

Ā I’m tired of it, I can’t deal with it anymore, I’m done with being the better person, i’m done with brushing aside my feelings like they don’t matter to keep things nice for her, and most of all i’m done trying, if my husband doesn’t even have a relationship with HIS mother, WHY SHOULD I?????

Posted On March 11, 2008

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So I just the forum Scrapbookattackscrapbooking, and I LOVE IT. They award you with CHARMS for your involvement which totally makes it addicting. You get charms for posts, submitted layouts, leaving praise there’s plenty of categories. And this weekend they’re having an online crop. It’ll be my first online crop ever, don’t really know how they work. I have a real crop on Saturday but I’ll do the online one on Friday and Sunday. It should be fun, I’m excited.

Posted On March 3, 2008

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Ā 21intro.jpg
I’m doing the 21 day challenge over at 2 peas, I think it’s just what I need to get my mojo going again. It’s about making or breaking new habits.Funny some of my bad habits are procrastinating and always being late;and i’m already behind on this challenge. But it’s very challenging for me to stick with something so I’m going to try and stay focused.


popcorn anyone

Posted On February 24, 2008

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Step up 2 was awesome!! It was so much better than the first one. Every dancer in the movie had amazing talent. The writing was a little cheesy but the dance talent more than made up for it. Robert Hoffman was AMAZING!!! Blew me away.Briana Evigan was good, she can shake her ass faster than I’ve ever seen.


Posted On February 7, 2008

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So the weather has been horrible. There were three tornados that blew through TN, and there’s been a lot of damage. I believe the total death toll for TN was 13. And the story of the 11 month old surviving but his mom not making it is very tragic. As I think of all the tragedy and devastation…where is my father? As he watches the news and hear of all this, does he not think to call me and make sure I’m safe, make sure I’m alive…wow, does he not care? How could his heart be so callous? I just don’t understand. Is it to hard or too much work for him to care?

Posted On February 4, 2008

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I LOVE this song, it’s a fave right now

So I saw this on Nikki green peterson’s blog, you google your name and needs and see what results you get, mine were too funny

1. Christina needs to go and tell these b@*#! to eat it..(I’ll make sure to get on that)

2. Christina needs to to wear clothes ON TOP of her underwear…(aww, that’s no fnn)

3. Christina needs Help…(I sure do, don’t we all)

4. Christina Needs The Guidance

5. Christina Needs To Go.. šŸ˜¦

6. Christina needs protection…( I guess they’re out to get me)

7. Christina needs a man


Christina needs to market her assā€¦like literally, her ass. christina is a fly chick,

..(I am pretty fly)

9. Christina needs to sex me up….( this one makes me blush)

10.christina needs to buy me a beer cause she owes me…(beer run)

I’m a candy cane licker

Posted On December 16, 2007

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Today Madison hung candy canes on the Christmas tree, shortly after my husband ate most of them. It made me reminisce of times with my grandma because she always had the cherry striped candy canes on her tree. Hers never lasted either. She was the only one in my family that would instill Christmas tradtions, and my daughter doesn’t have the pleasure of my grandma in her life so I’m trying to continue and start my own with her.

Jealous Much?

Posted On December 14, 2007

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So I just finished looking at Lisa Bearnson’s (spelling?) and Elsie Flannigan’s blogs. I’m so jealous, they get to make a living off what they love to do, things that others would consider hobbies. I would LOVEEEEE to make a living off of scrapbooking (my hobby). I’m not artisitc like Elsie, and I’m not as organized and Martha Stewartish like Lisa, but I would die if I could make a living off of being a scrapbooker. Oh and it would just be icing on the cake to rub it in my husband’s face for always telling me scrapbooking’s a waste of money. But both ladies have one thing in common. They have impeccible (spelling, again?) taste. Like they could make anything look good, you know? ANd I can’t even make my house look good ( so cluttered). ANd I have a hard enough time dressing and worrying about the appearance of my two lil girls to even check mine. But a girl can dream.

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