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Posted On February 24, 2008

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Step up 2 was awesome!! It was so much better than the first one. Every dancer in the movie had amazing talent. The writing was a little cheesy but the dance talent more than made up for it. Robert Hoffman was AMAZING!!! Blew me away.Briana Evigan was good, she can shake her ass faster than I’ve ever seen.


Posted On February 7, 2008

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So the weather has been horrible. There were three tornados that blew through TN, and there’s been a lot of damage. I believe the total death toll for TN was 13. And the story of the 11 month old surviving but his mom not making it is very tragic. As I think of all the tragedy and devastation…where is my father? As he watches the news and hear of all this, does he not think to call me and make sure I’m safe, make sure I’m alive…wow, does he not care? How could his heart be so callous? I just don’t understand. Is it to hard or too much work for him to care?

Posted On February 4, 2008

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I LOVE this song, it’s a fave right now

So I saw this on Nikki green peterson’s blog, you google your name and needs and see what results you get, mine were too funny

1. Christina needs to go and tell these b@*#! to eat it..(I’ll make sure to get on that)

2. Christina needs to to wear clothes ON TOP of her underwear…(aww, that’s no fnn)

3. Christina needs Help…(I sure do, don’t we all)

4. Christina Needs The Guidance

5. Christina Needs To Go.. 😦

6. Christina needs protection…( I guess they’re out to get me)

7. Christina needs a man


Christina needs to market her ass…like literally, her ass. christina is a fly chick,

..(I am pretty fly)

9. Christina needs to sex me up….( this one makes me blush)

10.christina needs to buy me a beer cause she owes me…(beer run)