Jealous Much?

Posted On December 14, 2007

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So I just finished looking at Lisa Bearnson’s (spelling?) and Elsie Flannigan’s blogs. I’m so jealous, they get to make a living off what they love to do, things that others would consider hobbies. I would LOVEEEEE to make a living off of scrapbooking (my hobby). I’m not artisitc like Elsie, and I’m not as organized and Martha Stewartish like Lisa, but I would die if I could make a living off of being a scrapbooker. Oh and it would just be icing on the cake to rub it in my husband’s face for always telling me scrapbooking’s a waste of money. But both ladies have one thing in common. They have impeccible (spelling, again?) taste. Like they could make anything look good, you know? ANd I can’t even make my house look good ( so cluttered). ANd I have a hard enough time dressing and worrying about the appearance of my two lil girls to even check mine. But a girl can dream.


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